Tree Removal

We specialize in large hard to reach and hazardous tree removal. We can remove trees using climbing spider lifts and cranes.

Dead and dying ash tree removal oak wilt removals and lot clearing for new building sites.

Specialized equipment to remove storm damage trees off of houses and property safely without causing further damage.

Tree Trimming

Removal of deadwood and hazardous tree branches. Removal of branches too close to the roof or other structures.

Full Removal Service and Stump Grinding

If the job calls for it we will use ground protection mats to take care of your lawn and property.

Tree Removal

You’ll eliminate a danger to your home and property. A decaying or dying tree is at a far greater risk of breaking during a storm or high wind.

You’ll decrease your liability. If your tree falls on either a a neighbor’s home or your home, you may be responsible for any damages.

You’ll open up new possibilities for your landscape. Want a new flower bed? Considering installing a pool? Open up some wooded areas for new possibilities.

Tree Shaping and Prunning

Any size tree is within our capabilities at Jed's Tree Service LLC. We use tree climbing methods, aerial lifts and cranes in order to get to those hard to reach places. Jed's Tree Service LLC is fully insured and we offer very competitive prices and professional services that allow us to create long-standing relationships with our clients. Get a free estimate now!

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